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I was given the Sourdough Starter as a gift. How do I store it?

You can choose to store the Sourdough wrapped in a cloth and tied up or soaked in water. Both methods are widespread, but I believe the second one is easier to manage even for those with little experience. How to Store the Sourdough Starter

How many days should I refresh the Sourdough?

If you store your Sourdough at room temperature, then you have to refresh it every day. If you decide to maintain it in the fridge, you can feed it every 5/7 days. Here’s how you can easily store your Sourdough at home

How do I store Yeast in Water?

First, you have to refresh it (as usual) and soak it in a bowl of cold tap water (19°C -66°F). Then you can store it at room temperature for 24 hours or store it in the refrigerator at +4°C (39°F) for 5/7 days. How to Store the Sourdough

My Levain is preserved in a pot. Can I change it into a Sourdough and store it in the water?

Yes, refresh by progressively decreasing the amount of water. Levain is usually fed with an equal weight of water and flour (100% hydration). Starting from this ratio, decrease the percentage of water each day by 10% until you reach 30% (1kg of yeast +1kg of flour +300gr of water). Here you can find how to change your Levain into Sourdough.

I’m storing Sourdough tied up. Can I keep it in the water?

Yes, soak it in the water at 38°C (100°F) for about 20 minutes and then refresh the yeast with an equal weight of flour and 30% water over the flour’s weight (1kg yeast +1kg flour +300g water). Once it is ready, you can soak it in cold tap water and keep it 24 hours at room temperature. The next day you will start with the usual refreshments.

Is it better to store Sourdough tied up or in the water?

Storing Sourdough in the water is more manageable. It allows you to control its acidity better (because it is dissolved in the water).

In How much water should I soak the Sourdough?

The ideal proportion is for the water to be about 3 times the amount of Sourdough. Thus you can soak 1kg of Sourdough in 3 liters of water.

How can I measure the pH of the Sourdough?

Measuring PH is not so useful because the data we would read in the pH-meter will be the sum of the 2 acidities: Lactic (produced by lactic acid bacteria) and Acetic (created mostly by yeast). The critical factor is the proportion between the 2 acidities. We could have a sourdough with a correct global acidity (e.g., ph 4) but with an excessive lactic or acetic acidity. If you want to know how to fix your Sourdough, have a look at this page.

Can I knead the Sourdough Starter without a Stand Mixer?

You will need a little more strength to work the dough!

What is the difference with Liquid Sourdough Starter stored in a jar?

Compared to traditional Sourdough, Liquid Sourdough Starter is much easier to manage and refresh. However, it has a much lower “leavening power.” For this reason, it is suitable to be used in “lean” doughs such as bread, pizza, or some pastries with little fat in the dough, such as croissants.



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